The most important city centre development in the UK outside of London.

As a child growing up Paradise Birmingham always seemed to be such a strange name for what I saw as one of the uglisest developments in the city. The old building made of concrete was an eyesore – it housed the Central Libary where I spent alot of my time. It was such a shame that this dull looking building stood between some of the cities most beautiful and iconic buildings such as the Council House, Town Hall and Birminghams Museum and Art Gallery. It was always a central hub in the summer months as everyone would gather on the steps outside to soak up the sun by the fountains. It was such a relief to know it was going to be knocked down and redeveloped!

We have already seen the new libary been built which is such a fantastic development. As the old Paradise Circus comes down bit by bit it has been interesting to see the landscape change. As you drive up Summer Row you actualy get a clear view of the beautiful surrounding buildings. We can only hope the new buildings to be constructed do these justice.

“Paradise is to be transformed into a vibrant mixed use development of commercial, civic, retail, leisure and hotel space, providing major improvements to pedestrian access and greatly enhanced public realm befitting this exemplary historic setting.

Paradise will be one of the biggest development schemes Birmingham has seen for a generation and will dramatically transform this whole area of the city. Seamlessly integrating contemporary new office buildings, retail and leisure spaces and high quality public realm with Birmingham’s most historic squares and buildings, Paradise is place-making at its very best.”

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